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This List of Cough Medicines for Babies That Are Safe for Your Children

When a baby coughs, many parents immediately give cough medicine to the baby. Though the use of cough medicine in infants should not be careless. Not all cough medicines are safe and are recommended for infants. Let's get to know any cough medicines that are safe to use for babies. Coughing is a normal reaction and form of the body's mechanism to clear mucus, germs, and dirt from the airways and lungs. Coughing usually occurs when the throat, trachea, or lungs become irritated, inflamed, or infected. Cough medicine for safe babies Coughing in babies is most often caused by a viral infection or irritation from pollution or dirt (such as dust and smoke) in the air. Coughing because those two things will usually subside on their own. Complaints that occur quite often is actually not much to worry about if not accompanied by other complaints, such as fever, shortness of breath, and the baby looks weak. Coughing in infants is enough to be overcome by increasing milk intake a
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These Causes Frequent Bleeding Gums and Tips to Prevent it

Gum health will affect overall oral health. Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease, and may even indicate a more serious condition of health problems. Gums often bleed often because of the wrong way to brush teeth or too hard. The ability of the wrong toothbrush risk causing bleeding gums and bleeding. In addition, there are several causes of bleeding gums that you also need to know. Causes of Bleeding Gums Often Apart from the wrong way to brush teeth, gums often bleed can also be caused by: 1. Gum inflammation One cause of bleeding gums is inflammation of the gums. Gum inflammation can be triggered by sticking teeth plaque on the gums. Plaque that accumulates and hardens will form tartar and cause inflammation of the gums. If it's like this, the gums become vulnerable to bleeding. 2. Periodontitis Untreated inflammation of the gums, can increase the risk of periodontitis, namely infection and inflammation of the gums that damage the soft tissue and bone supporting t

C'mon, Alert Overcoming Injuries that Often Occur in Children

Mother was in the kitchen for a while, but suddenly the sound of Little One crying loudly because of falling. In addition to immediately checking his condition, Mother needs to know how to immediately handle it. It's okay if your little one is actively running to and fro, climbing, jumping, reaching for any objects around him. But so as not to panic to deal with it, in addition to keeping furniture and homes safe, Mother also needs to be prepared to handle injuries that may be experienced by your child at any time. Handle Injuries Right When an injury occurs, Mother needs to be alert to immediately alleviate the pain experienced by the Little One. If the injury is quite serious, you need to understand what temporary help you can do, until your child is treated by a doctor. Below are some conditions that are often experienced by children and need to be treated immediately: Bruises Place cold compresses on the bruised part. To compress, you can use ice cube cloth coated or